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The Leadership Developer Game Plan

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The Leadership Developer Game Plan
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About the Course

This course consists of 3 modules and is designed for leaders who are looking to enhance their leadership skills, and develop a better understanding of how to lead and manage teams effectively. The course is divided into three main modules, each focusing on a different aspect of leadership.  Throughout the course, you will have access to a range of resources including video presentations, reflective logs and practical exercises.  You will also have the opportunity to connect with other leaders on the Private Facebook Group to share experiences and insights.

What are you going to learn?

  • Get focused and gain clarity on what you want from your leadership journey.
  • How to rewire your mindset and beliefs to self-empower and reclaim the confidence to overcome any leadership doubt and manage any workplace challenges.
  • Strategies to re-align your work and life balance through time-management techniques and applying self-care strategies to support positive leadership growth and well-being.
  • Unlock the secret to building effective working relationships, encourage teamwork and manage team dynamics.  You will create a safe and supportive environment to encourage staff to be self-efficient to problem solve and resolve conflict independently.
  • How to improve staff performance like a pro using the Leadership Optimisation Tactics™ framework.  This will give you to the strategies to delegate without micromanaging, manage staff performance issues through effective and supportive communication, and improve staff productivity.

Course Content

Module 01

Mindset Mastery for Leadership Success

  • Lesson 1 - An Easy Way to Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Lesson 2 - Introduction to Self-Empowerment
  • Lesson 3 - Why Self-Care Improves Your Leadership
  • Lesson 4 - How to Create Your Leadership Goals

Module 02

The Ultimate Team Builder Technique

  • Lesson 1 - The Secret to Building Team Relationships
  • Lesson 2 - Team Building Made Easy
  • Lesson 3 - How To Address Team Issues
  • Lesson 4 - Improve Your Staff’s Performance Like A Pro
Module 03

The Secret to Fast Track Your Leadership Skills

  • Lesson 1 - Essential Guide to Delegating
  • Lesson 2 - How to Get Your Team to be Self-Sufficient
  • Lesson 3 - Master Your Time as a Leader
Effective Goal Setting PDF

This PDF provides a guide on setting effective goals as a leader. Giving you tips on how to create clear, actionable, and attainable goals. This resource empowers you to align your aspirations with a structured plan, increasing your chances of success and fulfilment, and turning your aspirations into tangible achievements.

Escalation Flowchart PDF

Empower your leadership with a simple flowchart that can be used as a guide to establish when to escalate your performance concerns to upper management and HR. This will help to streamline your processes and ensure effective communication performance management.

Team Dynamics Framework PDF

This framework offers essential principles to cultivate positive team dynamics, fostering a culture of collaboration, trust, and motivation within your team. Elevate your team's potential by embracing these guiding principles.

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