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My name is Sharleen, and I’m a healthcare professional with over 22 years of clinical experience. During the last 12 years, I have been in management roles, working with multidisciplinary teams and mentoring a leadership team. Through my journey, I've experienced and gained valuable insight into the detrimental effects of stress and burnout on personal and professional life. Hence, I'm dedicated to assisting individuals in leadership, to avoid similar pitfalls by offering mentorship and guidance. My focus now lies in coaching professionals to transition and excel in their leadership roles, reach their full potential and foster thriving teams. It's time to make a positive impact, achieve your leadership goals and get the recognition your deserve.

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Sharleen supported and empowered me to progress into leadership. Her guidance allowed me to become confident in my skills as a leader, she supported me to back my decision making, to deal with challenging situations and conversations, to organise and prioritise, to delegate and advocate for my staff and to support others in a range of ways.


Occupational Therapist

Sharleen was my team manager for 4 years and during this time she demonstrated a passion to achieve positive outcomes for our residents. Sharleen was dedicated to supporting staff and exploring opportunities for continuing quality improvement projects, this improved our service delivery to our residents. Sharleen was a good role model for me and I have taken many positive attributes from her leadership style. Sharleen was easy to work with, very understanding and supportive.


Occupational Therapist

Sharleen is a fantastic leader, and I have learned much from her as I have continued to evolve my own approach to leadership. I have long admired Sharleen's passion for the work, client-focus, ability to articulate a clear vision, lead according to her values, and courage to challenge others when needed. I have no doubt that other allied health staff will benefit from Sharleen's skills and knowledge in leadership, as I definitely have.


Team Manager / Advanced Clinician

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